Zero Changeover Time from mains mode to battery mode. Perfect for running sensitive equipment like computers, printers, high inrush current industrial equipment.

Automatic By-Pass System (ABS) In case of UPS failure the ABS present helps to by-pass electricity to load so that uninterrupted power supply can be enjoyed.

All Generator Compatible Fusion i is capable of withstanding the uneven power supplied by all types of generators and convert it into healthy power source and charge your batteries.

True Galvanic Isolation: Fundamental frequency transformer is used for low  frequency isolation at the grid side. It provides safety to equipment against power surges & transients.



•             20KHz frequency design ensures noiseless operation of your UPS.

•             Built-in Galvanic Isolation transformer for charging  circuitry on mains.

•             Pure Sine Wave UPS with inbuilt battery charger.

•             Zero Switchover time - perfect for running sensitive equipment like         computers, printers etc.

•             6 Stage battery charging technology helps in increasing the battery life.

•             Suitable for countries with power fluctuations as it charges

                batteries even when voltage falls as low as 90V mains.

•             Soft Start Technology keeps the machines running longer by reducing their startup stress.

•             Compatible with all kinds of generators especially rural make ones. When generators provide electricity their frequency may range between 42 to 65Hz. In such a scenario UPS usually cut the supply and start running on backup mode. But we have fitted our UPS in such a way that they continue to perform provide hassle free backup.

•             High Crest Factor of 3:1 enables to run loads that require high starting current, ideal for big appliances that need                 high starting and low running current.

•             Compliance to international test standards.

•             It can run commercial, domestic and IT loads.

•             Automatic By-Pass System : in case of UPS failure the automatic by-pass system present helps to by-pass electricity to mains so that uninterrupted power supply can be enjoyed by the user.

Fusion I 2kVA/24V 50-60Hz

SKU: M001