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Tubular series are designed for best charging technology. Now you can fully charge these batteries in half the charging time by doubling the charging current. This series has been specially designed for those areas which face long and frequent power cuts. Highlights of these battery series are long life, robust and rugged design to fulfil any kind of power backup demand.


• Special separator used for lower water loss & high puncture resistant & less stratification.

• High packed density for best deep discharge recovery and life improvement.

• Advanced paste with low antimony alloy reduces self-discharge.

• Extra thick gauntlets suitable for Indian climatic condition.

• Excellent deep discharge recovery characteristics.

• Superior raw materials for good performance.

• Heavy duty tubular plate cast at high pressure.

 • Low internal resistance ensures quick recharge.

• Suitable for long & frequent power. Benefits

• Long shelf life due to advance paste with minimum water loss & less maintenance.

• Heavy duty spines for excellent cycle life and deep discharges.

• Value for money where full power backup required for maximum time.

Su-mak C10 Tall Tabular Battery 100AH, 150AH, 200AH, 225AH, 250AH & 300AH


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