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Zero Changeover Time from mains mode to battery mode. Perfect for running sensitive equipment like computers, printers, routers.

ATC with Artificial Intelligence regulates battery charging by constantly monitoring battery temperature with temperature sensor attached with the battery, this regulates charging current and boost voltage thus keeping battery health in top condition and at the same time charging the battery faster than ever before in the industry.

Automatic By-Pass System (ABS), in case of UPS failure the ABS present helps to by-pass electricity to load so that un-interrupted power supply can be enjoyed.

Variable Current Charging that enables UPS to use batteries of any size depending on the required backup time. Ordinary UPS require at least a 150Ah battery to work even if you need less back-up time.


  • 20KHz frequency design ensures noiseless operation of your UPS.
  • Built-in Galvanic Isolation Transformer for charging circuitry on mains.
  • Pure Sine Wave UPS with inbuilt battery charger.
  • ATC Technology with temperature sensor wire provided at the back panel increases battery life by minimum 6 months by providing optimum charging as per the climate which reduces water topping frequency.
  • Zero Switchover time – perfect for running sensitive equipment like computers, printers, servers, modems etc.
  • Standard Model 220V/50Hz (Models available on order basis: 110V/ 60Hz and 220V/60Hz).
  • 6 Stage battery charging technology helps in increasing the battery life by providing healthy charging.
  • Suitable for countries with power fluctuations as it charges batteries at an optimal charging current even when voltage falls as low as 85V mains.
  • Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD): choosing the battery reserve higher than 10.5V i.e. 11V helps in recharging the battery fully and faster. It also acts like reserve power for emergency use with the help of DIP switch at the back panel.





Passion I 2kVA/24V 50-60Hz